Design Methodology 2: Weekly Capstone Updates

Week 12:

My capstone project/plan is finally wrapping up! This week was a work week with 1-on-1 meetings. After taking a look at my last Design Brief + Research feedback, I feel like I can make additions/corrections to end the semester in a solid place.

I realized that although I know what my plan is for a “social media campaign,” I’ve have done a poor job at communicating how that will pan out. When doing secondary and primary research, a common point was made that it’s not expected that college students will delete their social media accounts. However, college students can mindfully fill their social media feed with positive content, which will hopefully lead towards more positive thinking.

Thus, my plan is to create a social media campaign that will live on Instagram, as well as potentially develop a website that supports and provides additional content about the campaign.

To fulfill the final deliverables, I have been wrapping up research and completing the revised Round Robin presentation. I’m excited to share my project’s story and evolution in class next week!

additional benchmarking research



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