Week 11:

This week’s activities focused on ideation. On Monday, one activity that we did was called “Crazy Eights.” For this activity, I created eight quick potential ideas for my capstone project. Some were weird. Some probably aren’t realistic. Some were helpful. Overall, this project got me to think of unique solutions and forms for my capstone.

During class on Wednesday, I pitched a general idea of my project. Afterwards, my classmates posted their form ideas for my capstone. It was interesting seeing what my classmates posted because some of their ideas align with ideas that I have been exploring.



Week 5:

This week’s discussions were focused around feedback and research methods.

After completing my presentation, two professors reviewed and provided feedback. I was somewhat nervous, but also eager, to hear what their thoughts were. There were a couple takeaways that I got from the comments left:

  1. My topic selection is important.
  2. An animation is an appropriate approach if I am looking to draw emotion.
  3. Research will be necessary.
  4. My audience may be too broad.

Hearing that my topic is worthwhile was a huge weight off my shoulders. I do plan to narrow down my audience to college students, rather than young adults.

Moving forward, I will need to begin to implement research methods to strengthen and support my theory and approach.

My general, broad plan is to begin to collect interviews, surveys, and secondary sources.